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Improve your relationship with your teens and prevent self-harm with this helpful book.

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Circumstance : Always neutral, even if you can’t tell. It has to be able to be proven in a court of law.  It isn’t subjective.

Thought : A sentence in your mind created by your brain based on your own experiences and history.

Feeling : A sensation in your body brought on by your thoughts.

Action : The steps you take based on your thoughts and feelings. 

Result : What you create in the world.


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Attention all teens and moms! Feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts? I've got incredible news for you. I'm Dr. Nikki Neretin, bestselling author and passionate family doctor. With my experience working with marginalized communities and homeless teens, I understand your daily challenges. But that's not all! I host empowering podcasts like "Figuring Sh*t Out" and "Mom and Teen Reel Talk" to help you build resilience and improve communication. As a certified Life and Positive Intelligence coach, I'm dedicated to unlocking your potential and conquering anxieties. And as a proud mom myself, I get it. But wait, there's more! I'm also an accomplished recording artist, adding a creative touch to my coaching sessions. Imagine a life free from stress, with the tools to overcome any challenge. Let's connect on social media and discover a mindset that propels you towards ease and inspiration. You don't have to face anxieties alone. Together, let's conquer stress and change your life forever. Join me, Dr. Nikki Neretin, on this incredible journey of resilience today!

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