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Quickly Go From Hostility to Harmony With Your Teens/Tweens with
Dr. Nikki Neretin

Revolutionary Shut Up and Act Dumb:

parenting from conflict to connection workshop




Rapid Transformational

3-week course

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VIP Quickly Go From Hostility to Harmony with your Teens/Tweens with Dr. Nikki Neretin

Revolutionary Shut Up and Act Dumb:

Parenting from conflict to connection workshop. Live Workshop with Two 1:1 Coaching Session (Mostly Recommended)




VIP Rapid Transformational 3 week course



Circumstance : Always neutral, even if you can’t tell. It has to be able to be proven in a court of law.  It isn’t subjective.

Thought : A sentence in your mind created by your brain based on your own experiences and history.

Feeling : A sensation in your body brought on by your thoughts.

Action : The steps you take based on your thoughts and feelings. 

Result : What you create in the world.


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Nikki Neretin, MD (Author, lead singer, guitarist and creator) was the Director of Homeless Services for the Institute for Family Health in NYC for the past 27 years seeing clients at soup kitchens, lgbtq teen shelters and on the street up through the covid 19 crisis.  She is now a physician in remote Alaska where she sees patients in a native hospital and a small fishing village on the Bering Strait . 
  Her debut book, Shut Up and Act Dumb: A parent's guide to staying close and connected to your teens and tweens, is a revolutionary new parenting style and philosophy that has changed the trajectory of many young people and their parents to a more connected future. 
Well known singer/guitar player in the band, Nikki and the Human Element her recent album  
Elemental,  touches on many relatable theme ranging from someone bullying her child to a rap response to present time misogynist rap.