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Webcam 11yo 10yo 12yo 13yo 14yo


Webcam 11yo 10yo 12yo 13yo 14yo

For those of you who prefer a webcam that will be used for much more than video chatting, the Logitech StreamCam is a must-have. The StreamCam can record either 30-second or 15-minute clips or 60fps HD video as a.avi file or 24fps VGA as a.bmp file, so you can store your best moments on a card or stick them on a disc, whether it be DVD or Blu-ray. And for those looking to cut down on storage cost, the StreamCam automatically writes the best clips to the memory card while recording, so you can skip that extra step and trim down your data usage.

While its not recommended for use on your desktop setup, the Logitech K920 contains all the features you could want in a webcam for your laptop or netbook. Set it to autofocus by pressing the the Fn key and adjusting the quality and resolution in both video and stills to your liking, and you will have the perfect webcam for your computer setup. With HD 1080p resolution, Logitechs K920 webcam delivers sharp visuals with a slim profile for your budget-conscious needs.

With features like Smart Recording, IR LEDs, and as many as 42 Logitech HD Pro Webcams Features in one package, Logitechs K360 is a camera for anyone, especially those who want to record and preserve their most precious memories. With a comfortable ergonomic shape and simple controls, this is the perfect webcam for all types of use.

The Logitech C922 has become one of the best webcams on the market since its release in January 2012. It offers a lower profile than its predecessor and is a more affordable alternative for your home or office, and with a higher resolution, the C922 will give the best webcams for laptops or PCs a run for their money. 3d9ccd7d82

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