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Sakib Khan
Apr 20, 2022
In Self Help Forum
In the early days of the Internet, e-mail was something everyone loved. After waiting in front of the screen while listening to the modem connection Namibia Phone Number List sound to connect to the Internet, one of the happiest things was seeing that we Namibia Phone Number List had a new e-mail. But after nearly two decades and receiving thousands of spam mails during that time, people probably don't have a fondness for what they used to be called e-mail. So should small business owners Namibia Phone Number List and marketers still rely on email as a marketing tactic? The answer to this question is “YES”. As for why, below are 5 reasons why email marketing is still vital to companies Namibia Phone Number List of all sizes. 1-) Email is an easy way to reach mobile customers One of the reasons email marketing is valuable to business owners is that it allows them to reach mobile device users easily without having to invest heavily in new technologies or software. According to an April study by the Pew Research Center, 52% of cell phone owners in the US read their emails on their cell phones.

Sakib Khan

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